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Help & FAQ

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Where can I find my gameresult?

You will find your gameresult in the league of the division, you're playing in. Simply click on "League" in the menu at the left side. That opens the belonging submenu with the different divisions, which you select by clicking it. The precondition therefor is, that you or your opponent has published the result and one of the administrators has entered it.

How can I post my gameresult?

You will post your gameresult, by creating the accordingly forumthread to your game. Simply click on "League" in the menu at the left side. That opens the belonging submenu with the different divisions, which you select by clicking it. Here you will find in a tabular overview all the games from your division. At the right side, next to the still open gameresult , there is a little icon. A click on it not only brings you directly in the forum, but has openend also the right thread for you with the right subject. Now, the only thing you have to do is to write down your result. That's it! The opponent confirms the gameresult, by posting the reply to this thread.

How can I upload or change a picture?

For to upload or change your personal photo (avatar), follow these steps: Click on "Forum" in the menu at the left side. In the very upper part there should appear "Welcome YourName". In case that it isn't, you have to log in or register first. Therefor simply click on "My Profile" and on the next side on "My Avatar". Now opens a side on that you either can choose one of the pictures from the default gallery or click on the button next to the uploadbutton and select your own, which is on your harddrive.

How can I change or complete my personal informations?

To complete your personal informations please do as follows: Click on task menue on the left side the button „Forum“. In the upper area of forum should stand now „Welcome and your Name“ (if it is not you have to log in or register first). Simply click on "My profile" and on the following side on "Edit your datails". Now a new side opens where you only have to put the informations down. After a click on the “Save” button your informations have been taken over.

I cant post new entries in forum or reply on them. Why?

The reason is, that you did not log in yet. Please log in or register first.

I want to take part in the League-games. How does it work?

Please read therefore the „Rules and Policies“. You can find them as article in forum, in menu bar above or on the following menu after a click on the “League” button. A summary of the most important and how to apply you will find when you click on the link "Application for the league"" which you also can find in the menu on the left side.

What is the difference between a silver- and a goldaccount?

The silver- and the goldaccount are two different types of player-accounts which you can have at The goldaccount is the one at where you can play money-games and which is add-free. The silveraccount is provided from to test the website. With this one it is not possible to make money-games and you have to suffer adds between the games. But the pro of the silveraccount is, that you can play vs. anybody, strong and weak opponents as well. This is not possible with the goldaccount most time because of the ranking-system.

What for are the applications and how to activate them?

Applications are little plugins, which brings you a little more fun during you use the community. That are applications like "Friends Location" or "Last Forum Posts". With them you can see where your friend lives or watch wether there is a new post in any thread you have subcribed to. There are two different kinds of applications: The core applications (unchangeable) and those which you are able to choose. To install an application just got to "Community" - "Applications" - "Browse". You'll get a listing of all of them. Then select those you wanna install by clicking under the appropiate icon und "Actions" That's it. To uninstall just click the red cross und "Remove" in "Community" - Applications" - "My Applications". And now...Enjoy!

I'm not able to upload photos. The upload lasts very long. What is the reason therefor?

Okay. Sorry for that, but we can not change that. It is a size problem. But you can try to decrease the resolution of your picture and then it should work. For those who don't know how to decrease the picture size: Open your picture in paint, then under "Picture" - "Drag" change the percentage to 70% or 50%. Save it and try again to upload it. Do you miss anything or is anything inexplicit? Use our Suggestion Box to tell us your problems. It helps you and other users, who will have same problems in future.