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Our 8-ball League is an offer for all friendly and dedicated 8-ball players, who want more than just playing randomly games. On the one side it will be a chance to play under competitive circumstances and on the other side, it should still be a chance to enhance already existing friendships, make new contacts and to demonstrate our fascinating community. Below you will find the guidelines on which our 8-ball League will be based. Please internalize the following rules and policies and read them carefully.


Every player who wants to participate in the league needs to be a registered member of the forum "8-Ball Community". If you experience problems while signing up to the forum or you need any other help, please contact our Support Team. Send a message to one of the e-mail addresses, which you'll find under "Contact" at the top menu.

All communication concerning the community and league should go through: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for complaints).

Disagreements in a match

In case you should have any disagreement in a match, which you want us admins to solve or decide, then you MUST use our contact e-mail addresses! Please do NOT send a load of personal messages to the admins. And - most important! - do NOT accuse your opponent of anything in our forum and in that way start a public dispute!

To play in the league it is a condition to have a silver-account (jewel player account on, which cannot be a team-account!! If you have any questions or need help in this matter, then please contact support.

Since all league matches will count in our independent RANKING-system, you must decide, which account name you want to be used for that purpose. Either your silver- or gold-account name.


As a member of Allans 8-Ball Community, you are representing both us and all other members, when you are playing league matches. It is part of your responsibility as a member to act in a respectable manner within our league-community.


It goes without saying that we will not tolerate cheating of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, using modified executables (cheating programs), reporting false results, or otherwise manipulating the league rankings. If you believe your opponent is cheating, then you must contact the league-team by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately after the match / after the frame in question. Be prepared to provide the evidence to support your claim.

Forfeiting a match

Forfeiting a league/tournament match - for whatever reason - is considered as unfair and put on the same foot as reporting false results, since it does not affect only you and your opponent but the whole league table and in the end decide relegation and/or promotion - THINK !!


It is forbidden to continuously harass a specific member for a match. If you find it very difficult arranging a match with a specific member, then contact us by using the SUPPORT links and we will assist in solving the problem. We encourage you to try to solve problems on your own, but not to the point of creating hardship to yourself or harassing other members. If you have a problem, we are here to help you. It is forbidden to abuse or harass any league member. If you are observed being abusive in chat, it could result in a penalty. We also don't tolerate personal attacks on other players/members publicly in our forum. Depending on the extent of the abuse you might not always receive a warning beforehand. It is important to remember that two wrongs don‘t make one right. If you are being harassed by another league member, come to us for assistance. Do not take matters into your own hands or return the abuse. That could result in a penalty for yourself.

Nice Guy Rule

Please note that the behavior guidelines govern all methods of communication. This includes chat, e-mail, messages in forum, messages on, messages in guestbooks on, instant messenger services (e.g. msn, icq, skype) etc. Our behaviour guidelines also are valid for ALL members of our Community, irrespective of a participation in our League. Treat other members with respect!

Fair Play

Game crash: If a game or the server crashes in an obvious winning position for one of the players, you will of course give away the game in the name of fairness. We all know, when a game is won or not, PLEASE respect this! If a game crashes in any other position, that particular game does not count in the score and has to be replayed.

Note: Please also observe our guidelines concerning the "ghost bug". 

Safe play

It is not against the law to play safe, but it is FORBIDDEN to play 100 % safe i. e. if there are more free balls to be played - in terms of "to be potted" - then please do so.

Match arranging

We have to play many matches and in order to make it as smooth as possible, we all need to do an effort to arrange matches in good time, so we avoid these annoying last minute matches. Send messages suggesting a time to play and MOST important: make sure to REPLY any message you get yourself. Players from another time zone HAVE TO highly adapt to CET (GMT+1:00).


These are not just ordinary matches, so if your opponent asks for silence during the match, this HAS to be respected.
Remember: Fairness is everything!


Currently our 8 Ball League has 6 divisions each with 11-12 players. Depending on new players the number of divisions can and will be increased. A season will last 6 weeks. There will be ca. 4 weeks break between the seasons. July, August and December will to a great extent be league free.

Participating conditions

A condition to join our league (next season) is to make a written application. Instructions can be found in the menu: "Applications for the League". Once approved, any new player will start in the lowest division without ANY exceptions. The minimum age to join our league is 16 years.

Normally a new player will start playing the next coming seasons. However if head-admin finds it suitable, a new player is allowed to join a running season.

Playing a match

All will play against all - which currently means 10-11 matches per season.

A match is "First to 6" or a result of 5-5 (a draw) - whichever comes first. Possible results: 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, 6-1, 6-0 and 5-5.

It is entirely up to the 2 players to agree on whether to play the match in the Gold- or in the Silver lobby.

The same goes for playing for money or not. BOTH players have to agree to play a league match for money. If they cannot agree, the match has to be played without money.

It is strongly recommended to finish a match once it is started. Should a player for some reason need to leave a match, then a new time to complete the match, should be agreed right away as well as the current standing should be confirmed by both.

Time schedule

Please arrange your matches based on the following weekly "Schedule Plan".

Week 1: At least 2 matches

Week 2: At least 4 matches

Week 3: At least 6 matches

Week 4: At least 8 matches

Week 5: At least 10 matches

Week 6: All matches

If a player cannot fullfill the required number of matches as shown in the table above he/she will receive a "Warning/Notification" (W/N). After 3 W/N in a row or 4 W/N in total the player will be "removed" from the season and automatically relegate to the next lower division for the next season.

EXCEPTION: If a player is able to play all needed matches in the following week, the W/N will be removed. If a player has been removed due to the above rules all his/her played matches will also be deleted from the scoreboards.

The above (1 - 4) is a rule of interpretation. The head administration can and will decide weekly on an individual basis - notably in view of negative effects for fellow players - to keep the damage (caused by deletion of match results) low.

Unplayed matches

If a season has ended and there are still open matches the Head-Administration will decide this issue.

Free season

Should a player need a free season, he/she will relegate automatically without ANY exception.

Relegation / Promotion

Number 1, 2 and 3 in each league will promote to a higher league. Number 10, 11 and (if so) 12 in each league will relegate to a lower league.

Should 2 or more players be level on points, the order will be decided by:

a) Frame difference from all matches in the group

b) Points among the players in question

c) Frame difference among the players in question

d) Rematch(es) "First to 6 wins"

How to post a match result

1) Click on the forum category "League & Tables"

2) Find the forum topic “Season xx – (your league) – match results” and click on it

3) Click on “reply” and write the result and maybe a comment

4) Click "Submit"


Although we have tried to be as detailed as possible, we cannot cover every aspect of gaming in our rules. Please be advised that just because something is not stated in our rules and policies, it doesn‘t mean it is allowed. Use common sense. If it is something that will adversely affect other members and you have to think twice about it, then it’s probably against the rules. The Head-Administration in collaboration with the Complaint-Team will have the final say in such matters.

Warnings / Penalties

With our Rules and Policies we aim to run the league and community as smooth as possible and try to avoid dissension in the first place. BUT please take notice that violations of our Rules and Policies - depending to what extent - may cause warnings, penalties and in the last resort exclusion of our league and community!
Yours truly allanrevisor & druml & x.avira

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