Ranking Rules

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Every player starts with 1200 points.

The ranking list is always based on points earned in the 10 latest events.

A match can give 2-16 points (+/-) depending on the point difference between the players.

A few examples:
1200 wins against 1200 gives +8/-8    1200 wins against 1350 gives +10/-10
1450 wins against 1200 gives +4/-4    1200 wins against 1450 gives +12/-12
1700 wins against 1200 gives +2/-2    1200 wins against 1700 gives +15/-15

A won match will always give at least 2 points.
A draw can give from 0 to +8/-8 depending of course on difference in points.

Apart from these calculated points from each match, following points are awarded:

8-ball league:

Level points for each player:
30 points  Premier League
20 points  Championship League
10 points  League 1

Premier League bonus:
Champion: 50 points  #2: 35 points  #3: 25points  #4: 15 points  #5: 10 points

All other league-winners: 20 points

8-ball tournaments:

World Championship 2015:
115 points  Winner
090 points  Runner-up
075 points  Reaching 1/2-finals
060 points  Reaching 1/4-finals
045 points  Reaching 1/8-finals
030 points  Reaching 1/16-finals
015 points  All others

These points can vary - The above is based on World Championship 2015. Head-admin will decide and publish the achievable ranking points before each individual tournament... here we will consider aspects like number of participants, number of e.g. top 20 players etc etc.

Match bonus - awarded after each season/tournament:
2 points per match - if a player leaves during a season/tourney Head-admin will decide if the player will get points or not, depending on the reason for leaving.

If a player is not participating in 3 events (league seaons/tournaments) in a row, he/she can be removed from the ranking list.
If a player is excluded or decides to leave our 8-ball-community he/she will be removed from the ranking list immediately after.
All points achieved respectively lost in matches played involving players leaving a season/tourney are of course valid.
Match results ruled by Head-admin (e.g unplayed matches) will of course not count in any way.

Ranking points can in certain cases be deducted as punishment for violation of our Rules & Policies.

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