Applications for the league

Would you like to take part in our 8 ball league as a player?

Please consider at first the following points carefully:

  1. You will have to play in average 2 matches per week and a league season lasts 6 weeks. Do you have time for that?
  2. 90 % of our members are from Europe, so if you are from another time zone than CET (GMT+01:00), YOU will have to adjust to that. In general if nothing else is stated CET is current.
  3. Please read our "Rules and Policies" MINDFULLY. Take note in particular to the points of SAFE play, match arranging and the “nice guy rule”. Here is a direct link:
  4. You need to take ACTIVE part in arranging matches with your opponents.
  5. We can not all be best friends - eventually you will face players you dislike - be aware of that!
  6. We will watch all accounts carefully. If we discover any kind of abuse, we will take action immediately... Warnings, deduction of ranking points and even exclusion from the league can be result of such abuse - of course depending of the extent.
  7. We require all this in order to secure ourselves to be able to run this league and Community as smoothly as possible.

Please remember that this website is based 100% on voluntary help!!!

Obligatory condition for the participation in the league is a membership in our Community.
To ensure that you are able to play against all possible opponents, it is a condition to have a silver (jewel) account. If you dont have any, you must create one. 

Furthermore we have to check your accounts at first - especially if your account is less then 6 month old and/or we don't have any other recommendations from people we know and trust.

So, if you want to take part, please send your application to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your application has to contain answer to / info about the following:

  1. Have you read and do you accept the above points as well as our “Rules and Policies”?
  2. ALL your available account names (gold and silver) and if your account is less than 6 month old, your former accounts as well.
  3. As league-/tournament name please pick on of your account names - we recommend you to pick the one you use the most. Please inform us about your choice. See note below.
  4. Your valid e-mail-address.
  5. Your country / flag.
Note: It is not allowed to choose any so-called " team name" for the league and/or Community, nor as silver name. If you don't have a team independent silveraccount, the Head Administration will have the final saying on an individual basis.
We assure you that all information is kept in confidence and only used for the purpose of this website and league.