Would you like to take part in our king.com 8 ball league as a player?

Please consider at first the following points carefully:
1. You will have to play in average 2 matches per week and a league season lasts 6 weeks. Do you have time for that?
2. 90 % of our members are from Europe, so if you are from another time zone than CET (GMT+01:00), YOU will have to adjust to that. In general if nothing else is stated CET is current.
3. Please read our "Rules and Policies" MINDFULLY. Take note in particular to the points of SAFE play, match arranging and the “nice guy rule”. Here is a direct link.
4. You need to take ACTIVE part in arranging matches with your opponents.
5. We can not all be best friends - eventually you will face players you dislike - be aware of that!
6. We will watch all accounts carefully. If we discover any kind of abuse, we will take action immediately... Warnings, deduction of ranking points and even exclusion from the league can be result of such abuse - of course depending of the extent.
7. We require all this in order to secure ourselves to be able to run this league and Community as smoothly as possible.